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8th Grade Keyboarding


8th Grade Keyboarding Syllabus

Mrs. Payne


Course Content

Students in keyboarding will be required to learn to touch-type without looking at the keyboard.  Students will work daily to improve their keyboarding skills.  This course is designed to teach middle grade students basic keying skills, which consists of fluent manipulation of letter, figure/symbol, and basic service keys by touch.  Students will then use these keyboarding skills to enhance their proficiency with basic word processing.


Materials Needed


Clorox Wipes


Rules and Expectations

Be on time.

Come to class prepared with assignments complete.

Cell phones will be turned into the designated area.

Take care of your personal business and be in your seat before the bell rings.

No disruptions allowed.

No food or drink allowed in the computer lab.

Respect the school's property.  (If a student causes damage to the computer hardware purposefully, it will be the student’s responsibility to replace the item(s).)

Class discipline will be handled by Mrs. Payne on an individual basis.



All grades are based on a total point system.  Tests will be weighed more than daily grades.  There will be no credit for late work.  Make-up work is due as stated in the student handbook. The student is responsible for obtaining his/her assignments.



Dale Schools will be using Canvas Learning Management System again this school year. By logging into Canvas at with their provided username and password, students will have access to all course materials, assignments, and lesson plans.

If a student is absent for any reason (long or short term), it will be their responsibility to login to Canvas to see the day’s notes or complete the assignment and submit it electronically. Students must make an effort to communicate with me as soon as possible if they have an issue with electronic submissions.