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Request for Evaluation

Request for Initial Evaluation Requests for initial evaluation may come from a variety of sources. These may include:

• Early Childhood Screening

• SoonerStart Early Intervention

• Intervention Teams

• Parents

A request for an initial evaluation is made when it is suspected that a student may be a student with a disability. Requests for initial evaluations may be made for a variety of reasons dealing with academic and/or behavior concerns.

Preschool Child: The request for an initial evaluation may result from a screening or from SoonerStart Early Intervention.

School Age Student: A school age student should participate in general education intervention(s) prior to the request for an initial evaluation. As a result of general education intervention(s), the Local Education Agency (LEA) should have databased documentation of repeated assessments, which may indicate a basis for either a discontinuation of educational interventions, increased educational interventions, or a special education referral.

Parental Request: A parent may request an evaluation at any time. A parental request for an evaluation does not automatically trigger a requirement to evaluate; however, the LEA must thoroughly investigate the possible existence of a disability and potential need for services before refusing to evaluate, especially when the request is from a parent and the student is not progressing well or not making adequate progress in the general education curriculum.  This request can be in writing or given verbally. It should be submitted to the building principal or the special education director.

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