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Instrumental youtube videos
Image that corresponds to Instrumental youtube videos

Check out these videos for performances on your particular instrument.  Some other instreresting videos are listed just for fun.

Note Names

Compete against others in how fast you can name notes on the staff. 

Music Theory

Great site with games and information about music theory.

Music Notation

noteflight “Basic” is a free music notation progam that allows you to create, view, print, hear and share quality music noation.

Sheet Music/Listening site

I use this sight to listen and purchase a majority of the music our band plays.  Most music has a audio clip performance that you can use to listen and play along with.  

Our Music Store: Palen Music, OKC

Palen services our school and has a service rep. in our bandroom every Monday. Items on this page can be ordered and paid for online and will be delivered to the Dale band room within a week.


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Keep up to date with the latest band information by joining the Dale Band Facebook page “Dale Band 2022-2023”.  This is a closed group and you must be approved to join the group.  All students, parents, and band alumni are encouraged to join. 

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