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Information Literacy

Big 6 Research Model

1. Task Definition
1.1 Define the information problem
1.2 Identify information needed
2. Info Seeking Strategies
2.1 Determine all possible sources
2.2 Select the best sources
3. Location & Access
3.1 Locate sources (intellectually and physically)
3.2 Find information within sources
4. Use of Information
4.1 Engage (e.g., read, hear, view, touch)
4.2 Extract relevant information
5. Synthesis
5.1 Organize from multiple sources
5.2 Present the information
6. Evaluation 6.1 Judge the product (effectiveness)
6.2 Judge the process (efficiency)

Standards for the 21st-Century Learner


The new Oklahoma standards are also the American Association of School Librarians' Standards for the 21st Century Learner. They address the increasingly complex nature of information and the skills our students need to succeed in the modern world.

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